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So honored! On Saturday, June 2, 2018, during my installation as President of the South Florida Writers Association, I was awarded a  Proclamation by Mayor Peggy Bell from the Town of Cutler Bay, Florida.

So, what is a Proclamation, and what does it mean? Proclamations are an age-old tradition among local governments and bestowed on people, causes, or organizations who are doing good things a person of authority feels people of their City or Town deserve to hear about.

I was surprised and proud to have received mine. So, I thought I’d take a moment and share it in writing for the world to see. It begins with WHEREAS:

WHEREAS, The Town of Cutler Bay takes pride in recognizing those individuals whose contributions have served to elevate the standards of life in our community, and

WHEREAS, Beverly Melasi-Haag has served as an author, editor, instructor, and reading and writing advocate for children and adults for over 25 years, acting as a catalyst to coordinate collaborative writing initiatives, and

WHEREAS, through her reputable guidance and instruction Ms. Melasi-Haag has helped hundreds of people learn the art of creative writing, and writing for publication, and

WHEREAS, as a commitment to getting kids excited about reading books again, Ms. Melasi-Haag has written and published a “Living” children’s mystery book called “The Mystery of the Square Well” inspired by the history, archaeology and ecology of South Florida and the Deering Estate, and a how-to book “Bring Your Characters to Life”, crafted to teach children how to create compelling characters, ad

WHEREAS, Ms. Melasi-Haag introduced her creative writing and Intro to Journalism programs to children in the Miami-Dade Community College Kids and Teen College classes to help develop their creative writing skills and to become better readers, and

WHEREAS, Ms. Melasi-Haag used her experience to create an educational program called “Writing for Publication”, where she taught classes and seminars in adult education at schools, colleges, universities and libraries in both Michigan and Florida, helping teach hundreds of people the craft of writing, and publishing their stories; and

WHEREAS. In addition to her many accomplishments, Ms. Melasi-Haag is a certified reading tutor with the Miami-Dade County Project L.E.A.D. (Literacy for Every Adult in Dade) Program, and has also inspired hundreds of seniors to write their life stories through her writing courses “Nothing Left Unsaid” and “A Tale of the Ages”, believing that “History is a link to the past that paves the pathway to our future”, and

WHEREAS, in her spare time Ms. Melasi-Haag has ghost written 8 children’s mystery books for a major publishing house, inspiring thousands of children to read for the fun of it, yet absorbing educational information from mystery books about real people in real places;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, I, Peggy R. Bell, Mayor of the Town of Cutler Bay, by virtue of the authority vested in me and on behalf of the Town Council and citizens, in recognition of her many accomplishments and contributions to the prosperity of the community, do hereby present this Proclamation to Beverly Melasi-Haag. Dated this 2nd day of June 2018.

Receiving this Proclamation was the thrill of my life!  I am grateful beyond words, and look forward to fulfilling my duties as President of the Florida Writers Association; and living up to the honor bestowed on me by Mayor Peggy Bell, and the Town of Cutler Bay.

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