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As I give my thanks for being an American, I want to give special thanks to all our Veterans. It is because of their courage and strength that we are able to celebrate Independence Day every year. They are our unsung heroes, the men and women who are willing to lay down their lives to guard our tomorrows.

To some, our Veterans are faceless silhouettes casting a broad shadow over enemy terrain. “No one I know,” they shrug as they go about their business; never thinking twice about the sacrifices these men and women make on a daily basis.

Well I say they should not remain faceless, and that it’s time people start to care about who’s out there fighting to keep them safe. So, let me introduce you to my Military Family:

My dad, Joe, who is 92 years old, served in the United States Air Force as a glider pilot during World War II. He was a young kid fresh out of Henry Ford Trade School when he answered the call to arms the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Let us never forget who we are sending into battle. My children: Joe (Navy), Mike (Marines), and Alicia (Army). And what about you Dear Reader? Is it your children, your neighbor’s kid, your dad, your mom, your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your best friend? Whoever they are, and wherever they are, “THANK YOU!” Visit us at Melasi-Haag


On this special day that we celebrate our freedom, I would like to share a poem written by a man who lost his leg and endured 52 surgeries to put his war riddled body back together. His name is Patrick C. Ward – United States Navy. The poem is called Shipmates.


I raised my hand and swore to God,
My country tis of thee,
Send me where you need me most and
That’s where I will be.

Not even once did I ever doubt,
The Navy would be home.
I’m the 5th to join the ranks
A pride my family’s shown.

I’m just another sailor,
A protector of the sea
A shipmate called to duty
When my country summoned me.

There’s not a face I haven’t seen a thousand times before,
It’s the face of liberty, of freedom and much more.
Apple Pie and Chevrolet…a baseball game or two,
All look good, but not as good, as our flag’s red white and blue.

My shipmates span around the world
As they guard the Seven Seas.
Say a prayer they come home safe,
A prayer that ends with “please”.

Far away a sailor stands
On a pier in a distant sea,
Guarding our tomorrows, and our dreams to be.

Above, across, and under…you may not always see,
The Navy stands with outstretched hands,
Protecting you and me.

Lord we ask Fair Winds and Seas
Be with us as we sail,
Until we’re back, safe in our rack
Then let the storms prevail.

So I raise my glass, to shipmate’s past,
And sailors yet to be.
Locked in my heart,
We’ll never part,
My country tis of thee.

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