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Mystery, Ghost Hunting, Time Travel, and Adventure 
This is a Summer Alicia and Mike Will Never Forget!

10-year-old Mike, and his 12-year-old sister, Alicia, are headed to the Deering Estate in Miami, Florida, with their Uncle Joe, a paranormal expert who, based on reports of mysterious paranormal activity there, is going to tape his new television show, “Famous Ghosts as Hosts.”
Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Soon after arriving at the Deering Estate, they meet Dr. Stanley Snodgrass, a historian who seems to have a ghost story of his own. He tells the them the legend of a spirit from another dimension who built a square well on the Estate as a time portal. The legend also referred to another they called, “The Wicked One,” who followed him through the portal to kill him, but failed, and was left behind. The doctor claims he decoded symbols inside the old square well to activate the portal, and fears he has now gained the attention of the evil spirit. But it is Mike and Alicia who end up getting zapped into the past to solve, The Mystery of The Square Well!


Meet the Characters From
The Mystery of the Square Well 

Characterization is the most important element of a good story. You can have a brilliantly fresh plot, an engaging setting, vivid prose, and fast action escapades that leave your reader breathless. But if your characters do not come alive and capture the reader, your story, at best, will fall into that broad range of the “mediocre” and not the “memorable.”

In Bring Your Characters to Life, you will learn how to give the characters you have imagined a life of their own to live in the world you created for them.

Although that may sound like a relatively easy task (after all, you dreamed them up, right?), the elements involved for ‘showing’ not ‘telling’ often get tangled in the scripted web of creativity.

“Sizzles”  With Fast Action and Adventure!

Summer Vacation: 12-year–old Joe can’t wait to spend the day in his secret fort with his best friend, Jim – until he gets stuck watching his 8-year-old brother, Mike, who Karate kicks everything, and carries around a red, Ninja Warrior Power Medallion.

Kidnapped! From within the fort, the boys witness a burglary. In a twist of fate, the crooks drive off in their truck – with Mike still inside!

No Girls Allowed: 12-year-old Samantha knows the boys are up to something so she follows them into the forest – and their fort!