Kids Mystery Books

Reading Is Magic!


•Strong copywriting skills and familiar with virtually all writing styles.

•Expert at research and development.

•Quickly adapts to your voice.

•Researches, writes and edits accurate, meaningful and readable material.

•Writes clear, concise and accurate, translating technical information into simple-to-understand English.

•Advanced knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules.

•Skilled at managing large writing projects with tight deadlines, across multiple projects.

I AM A GHOST…Ghost Writer that is.

That means I write books (both non-fiction, and fiction) under someone else’s name. I can’t tell you who I write for…that’s a big secret, but I can tell you that they are compelling non-fiction, how-to books, and action-packed, children’s mystery/action/adventure books.

Here’s how it works: If I am writing a children’s mystery book for an author they send me information about the characters they want used in the story. Minor characters are sometimes needed, so I get to make them up. I give them names and ages close to those of the main characters.

Deadline! Deadline! Deadline!

When you’re writing your own book you might say, “I don’t feel like writing today. Not so when you’re a Ghost Writer. The author and their publisher have a deadline, and I must stick to it!