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So Excited and So Grateful! Saturday, June 4, 2017 was sooo amazing! I was installed as Vice President of the South Florida Writers Association (SFWA) . Yayyy!! Ok, all Yayyy’s aside, I am very humbled by the honor that has been bestowed upon me by this incredible membership. Thank you everyone!! What an honor […]

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Recently my illustrator, Steve Markey (who brilliantly brings my characters to life), asked me to describe the characters in my newest book, The Mystery of the Square Well, so he could draw them for the Bring Your Characters to Life, book I wrote to go with it.  He asked, “What do your characters look like?” […]

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“No matter what happens in my life, I know I can pick up my pen and I can fly!” – Beverly Melasi – How I became a Writer… What happens when someone decides to become a writer? Does lightning flash and thunder rumble overhead? Do they hear a big drum roll? Does a voice in […]

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