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Saturday, June 2, 2018 was sooo amazing! I was installed as the new President of the South Florida Writers Association (SFWA) Many thanks to the Honorable Mayor Peggy Bell of Cutler Bay who served as the Inducting Officer of our new Officers and Board of Directors. I am very humbled by this new role as President bestowed upon me by this incredible organization. Thank you to everyone at SFWA! LinkedIn/Beverlymelasihaag

Hi kids! Being part of a writer’s association is a way cool thing! It’s a place where people who are authors, writers, poets, bloggers, etc., can go to help and support one another. At the SFWA, we are an Association of Independent and Emerging Writers. In the paragraph above, I said a mayor served as the Inducting Officer for our new Officers and Board of Directors. But what does that mean?

Well, once a year, we hold an election following our SFWA bylaws to elect our Officers (President, Treasurer) and our Board of Directors for that year. Then we schedule an Installation Ceremony shortly after the elections.

At the SFWA, we chose to have a formal ceremony to install our Officers and Board Members during a regular meeting. It’s a big deal, and a lot of fun (with cake and everything!). A mayor, or other high-ranking official from the community, stands up in front of our members to thank and officially discharge the outgoing Officers and Board. Then they ask the incoming  Officers and Board of Directors to promise to uphold our bylaws, and to plan programs and events that will benefit the other members. And because I am the incoming President, I got to give a speech. It was scary and fun at the same time.

At the SFWA, we form committees where people can help one another plan or work on events such as the Downtown Art Days in September. Or work in the SFWA booth at the Miami Book Fair International in November. Or assist with Eblasts to help promote our Annual Mango Writers Conference next February. Or the annual Junior Orange Bowl’s Youth Writing Contest.

We also offer a lot of fun programs such as: critique groups, poetry readings, writing contests, writers workshops, writer conferences and guest speakers.

Ask your teacher if you can form a writers organization in your classroom. You may not need a full board of directors, but you may want to have a president to lead your group, and a secretary to help take notes. Reading and writing is fun.  You can make up adventures, write poems, or even author a how-to book, where you teach others to learn  something you know how to do. You can help one another gain confidence in your ability to write. And you know, the more you write, the better you get at it.  BE SURE TO CLICK ON MY LINKS ABOVE. THEY TAKE YOU TO MAGICAL PLACES.

The South Florida Writers Association meets the 1st Saturday of every month at the Pinecrest Library. The Library is located at 5835 SW 111 Street, Pinecrest, FL 33156


Regular Membership = $75 year

For one individual, all benefits for one year with voting rights.  Renewal on the anniversary month of joining.

Out of Area Membership = $25 year

An individual who lives outside of Dade, Broward or Monroe Counties for one year.  Receives monthly newsletter, but has no voting rights. Renewal on anniversary month of joining.

Student Membership = $25 year

An individual enrolled in school.  All benefits listed above, but no voting rights for one year.  Renewal on anniversary month of joining.

The newly installed Officers and Board of Directors are:
Beverly Melasi-Haag President
Evelyn Benson Treasurer
Dorothy Rider Secretary
Jonathan Rose Program Director
Holly White Membership Director
Norma Chew Communications Director
Connie Goodman-Milone Community Relations Director
Teresa Bendana Publications Director
Ricki Dorn Conference Director
Margarita Pedrozo-Walling Website Director
Jeff Dorn Contest Director
Steve Liebowitz Director at Large
Anika Madison Director at Large

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