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As I give my thanks for being an American, I want to give special thanks to all our Veterans. It is because of their courage and strength that we are able to celebrate Independence Day every year. They are our unsung heroes, the men and women who are willing to lay down their lives to […]

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So Excited and So Grateful! Saturday, June 4, 2017 was sooo amazing! I was installed as Vice President of the South Florida Writers Association (SFWA) . Yayyy!! Ok, all Yayyy’s aside, I am very humbled by the honor that has been bestowed upon me by this incredible membership. Thank you everyone!! What an honor […]

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My apologies to everyone for the late publishing of this blog article. It got stuck in draft mode until I just rescued it.  The 33rd Annual Miami Book Fair was so much fun! I was very honored to share a booth, and the day, in Writer’s Row with Barbara Biggart, Florida KidCare Outreach Specialist of the […]

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“What’s Your Story?” That’s a loaded question for many people to answer when they decide to write a memoir, as there are things buried deep in our pasts that we may or may not want to resurrect. Compound that with questions like, where do I start? What part of my life do I want to […]

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Best Saturday Ever!! Many thanks to the South Florida Writer’s Association (SFWA) for asking me to speak on Character Development and Associated Complexities, at their August meeting on Saturday, August 6th. You know, there’s a lot to be said for belonging to a writer’s association. I met so many talented authors, poets, and writing contest […]

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